Environmental Inspections and Testing Services

We Provide the Following Types of Inspections :

  • Mold Inspections for Home and Offices – Locate and diagnose potential water damage and mold issues
  • Post Mold Remediation Verification – Quality assurance for homeowners and remediation contractors after remediation
  • Medical Professional Referral – Identify and test for specific contaminates for patients and health care providers, specializing in Lyme’s patients and previous exposures to mold
  • Attic and Crawlspaces – Visual inspection for hazardous conditions
  • Building Envelope – Air leakage and HVAC system
  • Real Estate Transactions – Pre-purchase environmental evaluations for buyers and sellers
  • New Construction – Assessment, consultation and documentation of environmental conditions during construction
  • Loss Assessment and Mitigation Protocols – On site consultation for floods, fire and sewage losses
  • Data Logging – Data collection and evaluation of atmospheric moisture and temperature differentials in buildings
  • Structural Thermal Imaging – Evaluations for Water Intrusion


We Provide the Following Types of Analytical Testing Services:

  • Mold and Bacteria Testing – All non-viable and viable methods now including Via-Cell
  • PCR and DNA Analysis – Fungi(ERMI) Bacteria, Pathogens and Mycotoxins
  • Allergen Testing – Utilizing M.A.R.I.A. – Multiplex Array for Indoor Allergen Testing
  • Pesticide Testing- Organophosphates via TDS and EPA Methods
  • Radon Measurement – Sun Nuclear CRM –  Results in 48 to 72 Hours
  • Formaldehyde Gas Testing – Greywolf FM 801, On-site results down to 10 PPB in 90 minutes or less
  • Formaldehyde Materials Analysis  – Large chamber via HPLC, NIOSH method 2016
  • Sewage Screening – Water, surface, and bulk samples
  • Household Dust Analysis – Dust Composition, Fiberglass, Full Particle ID
  • Material Analysis -Via TDS Method for VOC, SVOC and POM
  • EPA Priority Pollutants – Target Analytes and Target Compounds via EPA Methods
  • Water Quality Testing – Waterborne Bacteria, EPA Priority Pollutant Metals
  • Electro-Magnetic Field Testing (EMFs) – General screening and referrals
  • Asbestos Testing for Real Estate Transactions – Bulk samples
  • And more…we can test almost anything!