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Analytical Testing Services

Mold, Mycotoxins, Endotoxins, Bacteria, Allergens, TVOC's, TMVOC, SVOC's , Pesticides and Chemicals in Food, Dust, Soil and Water, Formaldehyde, Fiberglass, Heavy Metals in Air and Water, AC Magnetic Fields, Radio Frequency Fields, Building Decay Particles and Fire Residue

Indoor Environmental Inspections:

Indoor environmental inspections include a preliminary on-site consultation, full visual inspection and thermal imaging to detect hidden moisture, formaldehyde testing, PM 2.5 and PM 10  analysis, AC magnetic and RF field survey, CO and CO2 measurement.

Targeted Environmental Inspections:

Every targeted environmental inspection is custom tailored to investigate and analyze the specific problem or contaminant.

Post Remediation Verification:

Post remediation verification includes full visual inspection and testing of remediation work,  A post remediation verification  report is provided upon successful completion of remediation.

We Provide the Following Types of Analytical Testing Services:

  • Medical Professional Referrals – Inspect and test and for specific environmental contamination for patients and health care providers, specializing in Lyme patients, immune-compromised individuals and individuals with genetic or chemical sensitivity or with previous exposures to mold and mycotoxins

  • Mold and Bacteria Testing

  • ERMI and EMMA Sample Collection

  • Comprehensive Air and Surface Particulate Analysis

  • Endotoxin Testing

  • Indoor Allergen Testing (dog, cat, rodent, dust mite)

  • Airborne and Surface Fire Residue Analysis

  • AC Electromagnetic Field Measurement

  • RF Field Measurement

  • TVOC / TMVOC Measurement

  • Formaldehyde Measurement

  • Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide Measurement

  • Indoor Sewage Screening

  • Food, Water and Bulk Material Analysis

  • Attic and Crawlspaces – Visual Inspection for Hazardous Conditions

  • Building-Envelope and Ventilation Assessments

  • Sewer Gas and Odor Tracing

  • Loss Assessment and Mitigation Protocols – On site consultation for floods, fire and sewage losses

  • Data Logging – Data collection and evaluation of atmospheric moisture and temperature differentials in the built environment

  • Certified Structural Thermal Imaging – Evaluations for Water Intrusion

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